It’s Time to Awaken to Your Full Consciousness

The Part You don’t Know is Still Lost

When you feel disconnected and crave more meaning in your life, it means you’re still on the journey. Perhaps you’ve done some spiritual work, but there is more to do and you feel it.

Now you’re ready. Ready to step into your power, open the self-imposed emotional prison you created and set yourself free! You can do it.

Imagine living your life with more anticipation and eagerness, expressing yourself to the fullest and feeling the delight of your Source because you are Source. That’s right—no longer mimic Source, you can just be it.

Feel Inspired and Deeply Empowered

I’m Natalie Kawai and I once had a great career that I thought was my success, my achievement. But despite this so-called success, I was not fulfilled. A muted feeling that said, “there had to be more to life,” was always nagging meand I intended to find it!

I juggled so many responsibilities at once—money, business, relationships—that my constant companions were stress and anxiety—not joy and fulfillment.

Sound familiar? The good news is that today I feel empowered and inspired, no longer stressed or anxious. I am on track and I want the same for you. That is my passion. I became the expert/specialist of recovering the “lost consciousness”.

Discover your real self— the one you feel passion for! Doing so leads you to your perfect expression in the world— to what you were born to do as your life’s purpose.

“Natalie has an uncanny ability to uncover blocks and traumas that hold you back. She works with you to transform them so you can grow spiritually…She is the fastest and surest pathway to self-realization. . .”

– H. Reeve, M.D., Minot, North Dakota

Wake Up in the Morning Bubbling with Excitement . . . Eager to Start Your Day

Your soul is calling out to you. Listen to it and find a deeper connection with your self. Don’t wait to hit rock bottom. Free yourself from the confines of an unfulfilling life now.

Eliminate the stress and anxiety — once and for all. Reawaken your soul.

Click here for more details on Light Speed Transmutation—the highly-intuitive, painless process I’ve developed that reveals your full potential and allows you to access your divine right of soulful self-expression.

Whether you’ve been on a spiritual journey—with less than satisfying results—or you’re just starting down the path, I invite you to recover the missing piece that is deeply buried within you. When you do, you’ll connect with Source and experience your own beautiful power and creativity.

“Natalie has taught me who I really am; she has helped me find my purpose in life.”

– D. Eshelman, San Diego, CA

Schedule a Complimentary Discovery Session Today

I know the journey of awakening and self-realization can be scary. So let’s talk first. We’ll discuss what you’re seeking and whether or not is a good fit for you. There’s no obligation whatsoever. I look forward to speaking with you!


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