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Natalie is the real deal! My whole life I had been seeking to find the right guidance, one that resonates deep into my heart and my body. When she speaks to me, I feel that resonance. Upon doing the work, I feel the results. The more I evolve and the more I feel chunks of myself coming back to me. I am holding that presence within and nothing feels better than that! I feel empowered, balanced, peaceful and joyful and I know that there is more to come, which is exciting!
Francesca Caires
Massage Therapist, Healer
The Healing Source
Kailua, HI





When I started working with Natalie, I felt the veils of some deeply embedded programs starting to lift. I began to feel that there was hope again for me in life. Struck with a stage 4 cancer eating up my body and vitality, my world had collapsed. I wasn’t sure that I could come back to a normal life and I was deeply worried and fearful. I know now that my health situation is the result of these hidden subconscious beliefs I was unknowingly fostering. Natalie detects them and I work at their transformation. I feel deep levels of myself rousing and my life force resurrecting. As I am recovering my lost consciousness, I am awakening to my wholeness and look forward to its full expression!
Shereen Kanehisa
Mililani, Hawaii






When you are a seeker, then what you want to find is Natalie Kawai. Honestly! She will bring you to the only land worth finding: YOU! the real you, disengaged from the programming that we are all embedded with.
I had a lot of success in my life and it was good. It gave me a sense of freedom and power, but Iwas in fact running away from myself with them. I was not fulfilled, something important was missing and I did not know what it was.
Then I found Natalie and things changed. I realized that what was missing was my true sense of self that I had lost to the societal game, the productivity goal, the making it and making it big. I was lost in that false significance and it did not give me much joy. I could certainly buy bigger houses and participate to charities, but my heart was not at peace.

We systematically worked at the retrieval of my divine essence and that gave me more than I could have ever dreamed about. It gave me a sense of purpose, a meaning to my life I did not even know existed. I am still a business man, but my goals have changed. I want to contribute to my fellow humans, more than by just giving money away, but by creating businesses that will benefit humanity and enhance the quality of life and health of people. That gives me an utmost feeling of joy and fulfillment.
I live in the perpetual joy of truly knowing who I am, owning it and applying my energy to great projects. All that, I am happy to say, thanks to Natalie. Her constant guidance led me to my present state of being and I love it!
Michael Drescher
Founder and CEO of Okanjo and Vibrant 

Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Natalie Kawai is my spiritual coach and healer. She is truly enlightened and her light is so powerful that it affects anyone in her presence. She has a key to waking up individuals into planes of higher consciousness. She has taught me who I really am; she has helped me find my purpose in life. Natalie’s voice is healing and true. She is a vessel for God’s peace, love and joy. My life has changed from being suicidal to an enlightened master. I know how to live, how to pray, how to meditate and how to teach. Natalie has helped me find my way like no other human being on this earth and I am eternally grateful.
Devin Eshelman
Healer and Teacher
San Diego, California


My journey with Natalie has been the healing of my most ancient wounds, the ones that were holding my happiness and flow back! I cannot be more grateful for the ease and freedom I experience now in my life. As a spiritual seeker I had always been looking to owning more of my self, but it was not before I met with Natalie that I was really able to do so. She gave me powerful tools, I started to get out of my inner cage and feel better and better. Today I am a fully expressed woman with a beautiful life!
Dancetta Feary
Real Estate Agent
Honolulu, HI


My experience with Natalie is very unique since we live on the same property. I see how she lives her life daily and it is very inspiring! When I started my journey with her, I was affected by a deaf sense of depression even though I had everything in my life to be happy, from financial security, to the love and support of my husband and friends. Something within was crying out and I had no clue why I was feeling this lingering dissatisfaction about my life. I was judging my self for it and that was not helping.

Working with Natalie changed all that. Her tools are very powerful. I became aware of myself versus my ego and was able to see the first is taking the lead and regain my true space. dance between these two and stay on track with my true self. I gained an awareness, a clarity and a peace that I never knew it was possible to achieve. My life is transformed and I look forward for even grander transformation.
Irobela Wreagh
Recycling Specialist
Kailua, HI


I found my voice, I write my book! I have achieved a clarity, an efficiency, an assurance and a peace I did not even know existed. My limits are receding and everyday I feel more empowered and real. I want to do this work so badly I can taste it, literally! I am the master and commander of my life and it feels great! Thank you Natalie!
Carroll Dey
TTR Sothebys International Realty
Washington, DC


I’ve been involved with the spiritual evolution movement for decades and Natalie Kawai is without a doubt the most gifted and talented teacher and healer I’ve met. She has an uncanny ability to uncover blocks and traumas that hold you back and work with you to release them so you can grow spiritually. With her enlightened guidance it’s possible to reach levels of bliss and attunement with the God-force that would have taken years of meditation and soul searching otherwise. She cuts through the stickiness of the ego that holds you back and lets you soar in the spirit realm. She is the fastest and surest pathway to self-realization and knowing God that I’ve found.
Howard Reeve M.D.
Minot, North Dakota


Working with Natalie Kawai has truly been a vehicle to Self-realization. As a spiritual guide, Natalie Kawai brings a skill and compassion that touches the deepest layers of self-doubt, pain and fear. I have been fortunate to work with Natalie and witness for myself, the awe-inspiring truth of her teachings. I have applied the techniques she has taught me to my own life and have experienced true results.  My Self-awareness serves as testimonial and can be attributed to the consistent success of Natalie’s work.  Her methods are effective. They teach us how to be whole again—get back to Source.  Her pure and simple approach gives a tangible way to tackle the complex journey of self-awareness. My personal experience working with Natalie goes beyond words.  Her expertise and guidance provided me a path to Wholeness; to bring my true Self into light on earth. Through meticulousness and diligent work, I have learned from Natalie, how to meet with pain and fear quickly and effectively.  This has truly transformed my way of living.  Everyday I use the tools she has given me to move rapidly into—full consciousness and self awareness. Thank you Natalie Kawai, your knowledge and truth is a gift to all.  It is an honor working with you.
Nancy Kaysen
Minneapolis, MN


Natalie has been profoundly instrumental in my life. I was going through deep anxiety crisis, unable to find peace. She looked deep into me and found the causes that were perturbing my life. She gave me her technique. I practiced and then I could finally calm down and find my balance again. That happened in just a few sessions. I am amazed.Thank you Natalie for your help.
Kylie Nakachi
Pearl City, Hawaii


Natalie lives in the consciousness of Spirit, in that oneness with God wherein you know that life is beautiful, exciting and fulfilling.  I have experienced her positive, uplifting, and loving way in helping me detach my consciousness from identifying with pain and old negative memories. Her inner guidance directed me to healthy living, healing, being more financially secured and most of all being with the joy of God in every situation. Natalie’s God-awareness radiates humbleness, love and meditative bliss.dRos
Roswitha Shanahan
Honolulu, Hawaii


In my testimony, I would say that just by being with you I felt moved.  Coming in contact with you has something magical and above all true. You are the FIRST person that offers your gifts that in my opinion will be meaningful to whoever would come to you, without having read anything, without having put anything in the mind. Your performance can absolutely not be put in parallel with ALL that I have encountered from the heights of my 62 years of age…
Odile Faucon
Mother of 6 children
Montreal, Canada


I did not know there was a way out of anger, dissatisfaction and constant disappointment. Natalie showed me the way out of the thick forest of patterns that were getting the best of me, to the valley of freedom where I can make my decisions, direct my people, my company with a sense of accomplishment, peace and clarity. Without a doubt the best investment I ever made in my life.
John Grasso,
Halfway Cafe
Boston, Massachusetts


There are many spiritual paths that lead us to our source but there is only one way to release the burden we carry from the collective unconsciousness and the past in us and that is to fully meet with the pain we have experienced and transmute so that we don’t relive it again and again. We have lost touch with our ability to fully feel our inner signal of disharmony – that is pain; we deny, avoid and numb it in so many various ways. There are very special tools that we need to learn and do naturally but it takes guidance and diligent work to develop the skills and recall the mechanism that was gifted to us before we began this human experience.  If you are looking to evolve and truly experience who you really are, this work is invaluable.

Our souls are waiting for us to come alive, to stay conscious and feel the joy of being.  We have to make space for this and it means to do our inner work.  The more I work with Natalie the more inline I become with the divine nature of my true self.  I am eternally grateful!  Thank you so much ~
Laura Gusutelu
Massage Therapist
Honolulu, Hawaii


Working with Natalie has been a revelation and invaluable lesson in life. Her expertise and sensitivity in guiding us to continuously bring more and more Spirit into the physical body, has allowed me to discover a new place of happiness in being. She has given me such a deep understanding of the mechanics of life, and how to keep continual momentum toward evolvement on all levels.  Natalie has remarkable perception and the ability to assess problems and find solutions in a way, which is always personalized to the individual’s needs and goals. Her Spirit is so sweet and genuine, and her manner so graceful, it is such a pleasure to work with her.
Lisa Delfini

Opera Singer
New York, NY


Working with Kawai is a blessing for those searching for more than answers, for those wanting to breakthrough their own limiting beliefs and achieve their highest potential. Kawai is a very gifted Soul who has walked the path, she is an amazing channel, and now she shares the fruits of her work with us, by assisting us through our own path; having done the work herself, she is both compassionate and strict, keeping us encouraged and focused on our work. She is there to show us a way and to hold our hand, but not to walk the path for us. Therefore, working with her is both a blessing and a commitment we give to ourselves.
Arturo Arroyo
Internal Organs Massage Therapist/Stock Market Trader
Kailua Hawaii


Natalie is a gift from Heaven. She touches Source and is able to heal like the angels. And all of us needing answers from above are so blessed by her depth of spirit. We can be forever changed by her magic – so quickly and so deeply. Thank you God for Natalie!
Audrey Hope
Spiritual Counselor
Real Women talk show Creator
Los Angeles, CA


Before working with Natalie, I was constantly stressed out, tired, and experienced bouts of anxiety.  I was not happy with myself and worried about every little thing.  Since working with Natalie, I am much calmer, accepting of myself and life in general. I feel I have more clarity and peace of mind. I no longer take anxiety medication and I feel more in touch with the flow of life.  Thank you, Natalie!
Sheri Yamauchi
Ewa Beach, Hawaii


Absorbed into being a mother, I had forgotten about myself and was in deep pain. Entrenched in a dysfunctional relationship with my 16 years old son, I was tormented and my heart was breaking over the confrontations generated in our family. Working with Natalie brought me the clarity I needed to navigate out of this murky space and most importantly regain my un-compromised sense of self. Thanks to her guidance I understood the preset programs keeping me in bondage with things that were not even me. I started to crack open to new levels of clarity and appreciate a freedom and peace I didn’t even know existed…
Carey Deer
Honolulu, Hawaii


Through my relationship with working with Kawai, I have experienced deep healing, transformation and self-realization. She is a wonderfully sensitive, supportive, gentle and loving guide, whom I feel always, honors each individual, their process and their own innate ability to self heal, by sharing the tools and exercises for each of them, while encouraging each person’s own self empowerment. She is sharing a great gift with her ability to clearly intuit and express great truth. It is a blessing to take part in this great healing energy and this evolutionary contribution to Humanity and all of existence.
Jessica Bourque
Kailua, Hawaii


Nothing make more sense than the work I do with you. I was in the dark and the curtain is raised! I start to understand what is going on in my life and why it’s going on the way it does. Like you say over and over, it’s all about finding myself, my true self, and I do! Week after week, I regain more of me, and it feels great! Natalie there are no words that can thank you enough for this ultimate gift of yours.
Carolyn Moringer
New York, New York


It’s amazing how far I have come with your love, support, teaching, and guidance. You have given me exactly what I needed and wanted for a very long time. Thank you so much for all that you do for me, I really know in my heart that you are the greatest ever! …. If you want to remove your own blocks to love, light, peace, joy, and fulfillment, then Natalie is the right coach for you! She is able to provide the exact tools and exercises that you need to transform your life into exactly what you truly desire. Letting go of the old to create the new is Natalie’s specialty. If you feel that you are “stuck” in your journey, she will help you to keep moving toward the light to connect with your inner power and obtain real freedom. All that you want is achievable with the assistance of Natalie and your dreams will come true. Are you ready to take flight?
Moreen Way
Director of Operation
Brentwood, California


I did it!  I flew!  I’m so happy and amazed! You have been the catalyst in getting me out of my claustrophobic stage. Through your wisdom and ability to show me how much power lies within me. I have been jumping out of my box, all that in a month! My life was filled with so much anxiety and fear. Things became so bad, major limitations start to set. I couldn’t travel on bus, ferry or plane. I couldn’t go to far from home without major anticipatory anxiety in connection with having some serious relationship issues. You helped me to regain myself. To say thank you doesn’t seem even remotely enough. You truly are gifted. Natalie you hold a place in my heart that cannot easily be replaced. Thanks for being you—you truly are remarkable.
Carol Ann Buongiorno
New York


I was looking for help and needed a solution to my problem like Right Now! So I jumped with both feet even though I didn’t know much about Natalie and followed the techniques given to me (which I’ve never seen in any book or heard of before) and was surprised at how things changed. What is wonderful is that the whole self was looked at and different areas of my life were being improved -which is more than I expected. Of course life has its challenges but it is much better when you have real tools of love and you start to see things in a new or better way. Not only were there actual changes around me, but my thinking also seemed to adjust. At times I can actually feel the connection and vibration in my body! And yes God is Good – especially when it becomes a Reality! Even though I’ve only seen you in person one time, I love you Natalie and thank you for being there.
Honolulu, Hawaii


Natalie Kawai has brought significant positive changes to my life, my thoughts and relationships. Once I understood her selflessness and began to trust (which was not my nature by the way) her guidance has been nothing short of Heaven sent. My depth of understanding about my life and my journey has been both wondrous and enlightening. It has brought me a knowingness I could not have imagined. The peace I feel has made everything I do better and that works not only for me, but for everyone and everything I come in contact with. Natalie is a truly enlightened being, a knowing soul who can connect you with yourself and your entire world. With much gratitude and love,
Michael Drescher
Malibu, CA


Call Natalie and you’ll feel blessed with the most amazing transformations…The coaching she’s done for me has been the best thing I’ve ever received…. period…. I’ve never loved my life as much as now. I’ve never felt so alive and vibrant. I’ve never felt so certain of my ability to manifest whatever I need as I do now. I go forth with complete confidence in my abilities and my connections with universal energy… I was up against the wall with blocks that I couldn’t access with all the knowledge, workshops, books and experiences of a 10 years intense spiritual journey. I have worked with psychics, healers, shamans, therapists, psychologists, and ministers, monks and priests of all types of discipline. I have read all the great teachers, Caroline Myss, Eckhart Tolle, John O’Donohue, Brian Swimme, and many others and applied their teachings. I had great breakthroughs and amazing experiences, but there were still important things missing in my life and there were areas of my heart that I couldn’t reach. Then I connected with Natalie Kawai. All the other work was very good but I needed to take my journey to a higher level and fill up the missing links. Natalie knows what’s missing. She has access to information that no one else I’ve met has demonstrated. I embarked on a once a week coaching with her and could see results from the very first week. And I’m talking about phenomenal results! She helped me to walk through my deepest fears and I broke through rapidly. It would have taken me a lifetime to get there on my own. I wish I could find the words for how different my life is after these few short weeks… but they seem inadequate. Even this praise doesn’t thoroughly convey my gratitude for how she has helped me. I recommend to anyone who wants truth, and wants to live a life of ecstasy, passion and bliss, to call Natalie Kawai and ask her to help you. It’s the best investment I’ve ever made, and still would be at many times the price. The results truly are priceless. Bless you Natalieill would be at many times the price. The results truly are priceless. Bless you Natalie,
Tom Korman
Shaman & Architect/Builder
Minneapolis, MN


Natalie, you have been a blessing in my life and there is no doubt you will be a blessing to all who are drawn to you. Many superlatives could be used to describe Natalie’s potent spiritual power and her abilities, but most important for me was the feeling of absolute trust I had in her integrity and sincerity. That trust allowed me to turn myself over to her care and in so doing; I am coming back to self such as I have not truly known before. Before beginning my sessions with Natalie, I was profoundly tired in body and spirit. It seemed there was little time left in a life that had been spent looking for… What! I only know it as something missing and that there was no joy in my life. I was fortunate enough to learn about Natalie and asked her help. Shifting and movement start from the first session with Natalie and each session builds upon the last, like stepping stones creating a stairway to heaven. Each stone placed securely upon the last stone allowed me to set upon it and each step brought new vistas of awareness into view. It is a wondrous experience to work with Natalie and I do not anticipate the wonder to stop. This is the great treasure I have found; a sense of wonder that loves the wondrous adventure of life and it makes me smile.
How cool is that!  Thank you,
Honolulu, Hawaii


My name is Celine and I live in Montreal in Canada. I have worked with Natalie for a month over the phone. In that one month, the personal evolution I went through is totally impressive. I trust myself more; I am almost not afraid of anything and realize that my potential of creation is infinite. Natalie taught me to uncover the power that is within me and to channel and use it to create what I want. Instead of putting up with life, I can now create my “Dream Life”, the one I really want! Natalie’s techniques and exercises are simple and can be used by anyone, even if one does not know anything about spirituality. I thank her from the bottom of my heart for the precious support and look forward to continue!
Celine Guiet
Student Artistic Agent
Montreal, Canada


Your program is a miracle sent by God!  Such transformation and healing comes through you. I’ve experienced such enlightenment and upliftment in that short amount of time we spent together working on the phone. The peace that has come with my new state of being is indescribable. Natalie, your light is so strong and blesses each one whose life you touch. Thanks for sharing your boundless love, joy and exuberance for life.
Rev. Laurie Spindler
Minister  & Coach
Santa Cruz, California


Over the past several months, I have gained the utmost respect and admiration for the profound and powerful work of Natalie Kawai.  Hers is a unique and valuable sensitivity that removes blocks to transcend fear, and integrates the spirit with the body. She identifies conflicts, removes trauma and unravels obstructions that prevent us from clear self-realization. She is a consummate professional with a fierce integrity and an uncompromising commitment to each individual she serves. Her work has helped manifest in me a new self-love and respect I did not previously believe possible. My personal and professional lives are flourishing as a result. I look forward to continued work with Natalie.
Carol Flaig
Business Entrepreneur
Boulder, Colorado


I feel blessed beyond words that Natalie was brought into my life by a dear friend. I was struggling with serious issues -health and finances- for a longtime. The work we have done together in the last months, with about six sessions, have gone to the core of the problems. But not only has she brought me understanding on the deepest levels (beginning of Creation) but also I have been receiving the deepest healings and enlightened wisdom. I am experiencing freedom now that I only dreamed of. I feel she’s a true divine partner of a spiritual journey with me.
Lyndi Morvant
Los Angeles, California


Since your passage everything has slowed down except for my transformation and events. My acuteness to my Divinity is profound and I feel it constantly. I got to tell you that since I accepted my Divinity thanks to our session, I let go of the fear. I feel light emanating from me. Thanks a thousand again for everything.
Victor Zarov
Artist and Businessman
Montreal, Canada


Being able to speak with Natalie is a gift in my life. At a time when I was so insure of what was happening in my life, I was fortunate enough to be given Natalie’s phone number. Listening to her words, hearing and feeling her genuine concern and honesty allowed me to see life with a pure heart and to see myself as a beautiful soul with so much to offer the world. I had lost confidence in myself and had lost faith in others. I was physically injured and emotionally drained. With Natalie’s guidance and expertise, I was able to reach a higher level of self, learned to trust my feelings and intuitions, and to do self-healing and live with greater understanding of my spirituality. Above all I was able to apply all of what I was shown to my every day life. Natalie is a most gifted, angelic being with so much insight, knowledge, power and beautiful faith. She allowed me to feel loved and whole and get direction again. I no longer live with the fear of being hurt. I go forward with an open and loving heart and trust what I feel deep down inside.
Barbara Capozzi, D.O.
New York, N.Y.

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