Our Matrix

What we are made of

Emotional well-being is the key of our life because if we don’t take care of it, we will pay the bill. Not only will our body get impaired, but we will miss out, decline the most essential aspect of our life: our Spiritual Awakening,  Self-Actualization leading to Self-Realization which is our Life Purpose!

The composition of our Essence is made out of “the Spirit”: a very volatile energy, light and electrical, and “the Will”: a denser and magnetic energy. The Spirit is highly active and generates very fast and random thoughts. The Will is the feeling part of our apparatus and generates emotions; a monitoring system that reflects what we do with our thoughts. This setting allows us to have an experience in the physical arena and learn.

Deprived of our emotions, we would not know what we are doing with our energy. It is our navigational system that lets us recognize where we are at all time. The problem is that our emotions are powerful and therefore feared. We are afraid to be taken over by them and will be as long as we don’t know what these feelings are, and how to deal with them. So we have a tendency to deny, avoid or disregard them.

We are especially afraid of our negative emotions and try to repress them and hide them, since we are mostly ashamed of them. We don’t understand the value of these emotions that we call “negative” because we don’t know that every emotion is a call from our soul letting us know that we are missing a part of our Selves. We don’t know that feeling bad is a way that our inner being is letting us know that we are going in opposite direction of true alignment with our Source, that we betray or disrespect our Self.

It can also signal that we are stepped over, in that case anger would show. If we deny that anger, suppress it, it will go right into the negative emotions trash; which is our poor body. The body will then have to deal with the toxicity of that impact! In turn it will ache to let us know that we are trashing it. Down the line if we don’t listen to the claim of the body, it will break down into diseases.

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