Your Emotions are Your Secret Weapon to Self-Recovery

They are your guidance system towards regaining your self.  Your emotions, especially the negative ones, are the doorway to your Source, the only gate there is to enter your inner world and recover your lost pieces, your true self.

We don’t like to feel guilt, jealousy, fear, anger, resentment, hate, etc., because we feel it’s bad. We are bad and shouldn’t feel what we feel. We condemn ourselves for feeling the way we do, not knowing that by doing so, we condemn the very way that would lead us to recover our true self.

We have learned to condemn our negative emotions because we don’t know what they are, and are afraid of them. We are afraid we would be dominated, controlled by them if we were letting them express. We don’t know that our e-motions — energy in motion — are the points of access that lead us to recover our true self.

When you allow yourself to meet with your emotions, you simply follow the track of your soul that uses your emotional self, an intended signal to help you recover an important part of you. Your negative emotions are your best friends and they are perceived as your worst enemy to banish.

When a negative emotion, which is a signal to lead you to you, is repressed, this energy is piled up below in the physical body. It creates other signals, since it has not been heard. These signals, starting with little knots in the stomach or in the throat, pressure in the chest, etc, will then lead further to ailments, all the way down to diseases; because the initial signal has not been caught on the emotional level and ends up crashing into the physical body — so that we can no longer ignore it.

Your emotions are life energy in motion — e-motion. They need to move and express. Upon truly accepting our emotions and doing the work of transmuting of them, not only we feel tons better but the other great benefit is that we retrieve our Self. More and more, as long as we do it.

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