My passion and true calling 

is to assist you in finding the full measure of your power by regaining your true self entirely. Nothing motivates me more than to help you soar in your life, away from all hindrances, pain, and fear because you have moved deep into your core self.

As a detective of the subconscious tracks, I have the ability to bring you back to the wholeness of your true nature, where you will be at peace, infinitely creative, curious about all the aspects of life, ready to venture, amazingly resourceful, and harnessed in the now moment. Nothing can bring you more fulfillment than this state of deep self-realization.

flowerThe Emergency VIP – The intervention

When you go through a life crisis, experience vivid pain, are under the yoke of stress, or going through a rough patch, you need an intervention. Read more…

In the process of this VIP day, we will go with intense momentum to the deep root core of all the reasons why you experience what you experience and transmute them all the way. That will provide a resurgence of You, your true nature and power. You will go through an experience that will take you from pain to joy and peace in about half a day.

This program is about five hours duration with four breaks, to breathe and to lunch. Within that time, you will accomplish a total and unique breakthrough. You will clean up the very reason you experience what you experience and resurge your life, feeling rejuvenated, grounded, serene, and sensing your Source within, which is your immutable place of all abundance and peace.

flowerThe Full On VIP – The Renaissance of Self, Your Shift to New Consciousness

There is a space within you that is still untouched, inactive in the layers of your subconscious. That’s why you may feel anxiety, worry, fear, dissatisfaction, melancholy, frustration, hopelessness, and all the way to depression.

Are you ready to reemerge with your whole self, without blind spots anymore, having full consciousness of who you are, and join force with your source? That is called Self-Realization.

A part of your Consciousness has been denied from day one of creation. We all suffer unknowingly from this condition since the Mother essence has not been as yet acknowledged, retrieved, and thus activated. We keep replacing at the surface what we don’t have inside. Everything that is not in place in the tapestry of consciousness is by definition replaced by an ego program, whether that ego is under the yoke of negative programming or even positive programming. Just because you have positive thoughts and a positive attitude doesn’t mean you don’t have a programmed ego dormant inside and playing tricks on you.

Unless the lost consciousness is fully activated, there will still be an ego portion bewitching you and robbing you from your purity and true power.

This program is a thorough journey through the meanders of the subconscious layers. It will take nine months of momentum and dedication to conjure up the field of the ego and transmute the programmed ego into a new one, a Source ego—since we need an ego to live on the planet.

The Full On VIP will return you home to the Consciousness that was laying dormant, always waiting for you.

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