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Natalie Kawai is a revolutionary thought leader. She brings to the world a brand new message about the origin of creation, what we have lost since the creation, why we lost it, and how to retrieve this denied consciousness now. As a messenger of the Great Mother of Creation, she brings a new and refreshing approach to recovering “The Lost Consciousness” so we can affect not only our lives but also transform the planet at large.

Born on the shore of Lake Geneva in Switzerland and with the gift of clairaudience, which gives her direct communication with Source, Kawai is a relentless seeker of truth.

Driven by her constant passion to understand all the mysteries of the creation and why we are on the planet, she went down her life path, following her destiny every step of the way. Her life took her through multiple challenging experiences, from which she always extracted the meaningful lessons.

She has always wanted to know the why and how of all the matters of life. She has never stopped searching to understand the dynamic of our journey in incarnation, along with the big picture and intent of the Universe. She has worked for years with all kinds of people, and she has witnessed the pain of many. She realized that pain was here for a reason, and she followed the leads of those reasons.

Merging with the Supreme Being twenty years ago through Samadhi (union with the divine) Natalie experienced the light in a direct way: the enlightenment of her entire system through cellular implosion-explosion. Her alignment with the Ultimate Essence has been intensified ever since in a faster and irresistible trend.

Soon after, though, she felt deep within a heavy pull, an intense quest calling her to learn still more. Something was missing; the equation was not complete as yet. Constantly willing to seek, she explored further and found the energy and the voice of the Great Mother of Creation. The One Goddess confirmed what Kawai was feeling. Her essence had been lost, denied at the time of creation. A portion of our consciousness was not activated yet and has lain dormant in us for eons. The One Goddess gave Kawai the history of Creation, what had happened in the beginning for purpose of evolution, along with the fact that we are now at the time of recovery.

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